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Funding and accelerating the most promising Real Estate Tech Startups


We are an angel fund exclusively devoted to early-stage Real Estate technology startups. Our team of Real Estate experts propels our portfolio companies forward with their deep and diverse industry expertise.


A team solely comprised of Real Estate experts created a fund to solve the industry's biggest problems by backing visionary entrepreneurs


Three multi-trillion dollar verticals in Real Estate will be disrupted over the next decade, generating massive value that will be captured by technology


Our investment focus is Real Estate tech startups raising their pre-seed to A round with a path to revolutionize their market and lead the industry

Our Real Estate Tech Focus Areas

Proptech infuses traditional real estate assets with digital innovation, driving greater efficiency and effectiveness for owners, tenants, and property managers
ConTech modernizes the construction industry with digital solutions that improve design, speed up development, increase project precision and agility, and lower asset life cycle costs
RE Finance
FinTech for Real Estate integrates modern financial tools with real estate ventures, granting investors greater access, optimizing asset valuation, and increasing transaction efficiency

We're Backing the Best

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Meet the Team

Our team combines seasoned investors with diverse real estate expertise to masterfully navigate the complexities of RE Tech startup growth


General Partner

Alon Gorbonos
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels Founder


Venture Partner

Yoav Kirshenboim
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels SFR Expert

Maxwell Joseph, Venture partner, RE Angels Commercial Expert

Venture Partner

Maxwell Joseph
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels Commercial Expert

20190227 Adam Horowitz 126-2_edited.jpg

Venture Partner

Adam Horowitz
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels Debt Expert

Jason Green, Venture Partner, Single Family Home

Venture Partner

Jason Green
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels SFR Expert

Rafi Musher, Venture  Partner, RE Angels Strategy Expert

Venture Partner

Rafi Musher
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels Strategy Expert

Hezi Mena, Venture Partner, RE Angels Construction Expert

Venture Partner

Hezi Mena
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels Construction Expert


Venture Partner

Adam Benson
  • LinkedIn

RE Angels Tax Expert

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